Friday, August 13, 2010


The grade 7 & 8 class created a series of pop art pictures on Vanya's Applemac after discussing the work of Andy Warhol .We also then created collages using famous images in the pop art style .

Some of our artists!

Liam Conradie Jack Logan

Mermaids and mermen !

Skye du Plessis
Nathan Henderson

Wassilly Kandinsky - Creating form with music , colour and emotion Grade 7 & 8

We created a playlist and divided each page into 16 blocks and created according to each track with image and emotion , with amazing results!

More SANLAM entries !

Elise Herring
Jan du Toit

Still Life in chalk pastel

Caleb Henderson
Tru Marais

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Watercolour and Folklore lesson Grade 5 &6

We discussed the importance of folklore and how many countries have the same tales. We also discussed how tales became legend and then myth. So many countries around the world carry similiar folklore tales about mermaids. We explored all the different tales and the class succeeded in painting in watercolour the most beautiful mermaids and mermen. The week before we learnt the different techniques in watercolour and used coarse salt to create effects on the canvas.

Oscar Downing